Innovating Space for Tenants to Thrive

Traditional real estate companies focus on buildings.  Schnitzer West focuses on tenants.  Our mission is to develop innovative environments that will inspire and fuel their success.  We start by listening, to understand their needs and the forces that affect their business.  We conduct in-depth research to identify emerging trends in technology, workplace environments and lifestyles.  Then we think outside the box to reinvent space in smart, creative ways that truly work for the people that occupy it.

A Schnitzer West office building doesn’t start with the architecture. It starts with functionality: what does this property need to do to truly work for its tenants?  Our goal is to turn every project into a powerful, hard-working toolbox, filled with ways to help our tenants:


•  work smarter and faster

•  entice and engage talent

•  enhance workforce health

•  improve efficiency 

•  get more value per square foot


It’s what sets Schnitzer West buildings apart.  Just ask our tenants.

“Being in this building definitely helps us recruit staff.  It also helps us win work.”   

R.H. Attorney